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10 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

No matter if it’s to cover credit card bills or save for big purchases, earning extra income can make a tremendous difference in budgeting. By keeping track of side hustle earnings through a dedicated checking account, earning side income will help keep costs manageable and your budget on track.

If you own a reliable car, consider becoming an Uber or Lyft driver – this flexible option could earn over $500 monthly!

1. Design and Sell Your Own T-Shirts

Selling T-Shirts online can be an excellent way of earning money online, provided your designs stand out and appeal to a specific niche audience.

Start by researching designs that have proven to be successful in your niche, then creating your own versions with your unique flair. Black shirts usually sell best, so ensure to include it as an option in the designs.

2. Become an Uber or Lyft Driver

Uber and Lyft drivers who meet age, vehicle and insurance requirements can find driving lucrative and rewarding work with Uber and Lyft as a great source of additional income and a useful experience for their resumes.

Use “bank hopping” to secure yourself a healthy bonus. Many banks offer deposit bonuses for accounts opened within 90 days or longer. Online gigs such as moderating content or taking surveys may also add up quickly.

3. Sell Old Stuff

Rather than keeping items that you no longer use around the house or yard, consider selling them. This could include anything from electronics, movies and Lego sets to clothing and jewelry.

De-clutter your space and earn cash for items like unwanted furniture or baby clothing by holding a yard sale, consignment shop visit, online selling platform like Poshmark or ThredUP or using Decluttr for payment via PayPal or check.

4. Flip Furniture

TikTok videos featuring furniture flippers transforming old wooden pieces into something fresh have recently gained in popularity, providing them a legitimate means of earning extra income and learning new skills. Furniture flipping can provide extra money while learning something new about business as well.

Start by searching Facebook Marketplace or thrift stores for heavy wood furniture at an affordable price that you can refinish yourself and sell easily.

5. Invest in Fine Art

Integrating art into your investment portfolio can be an excellent way to diversify, while offering additional protection from inflation.

Investing in art can be expensive, with successful picks being more of an art than science. But platforms such as Masterworks offer affordable ways to get involved with this field.

Banksy and Monet paintings can be purchased without incurring trading fees, making this an attractive way of investing.

6. Advertise With Your Car

Nickelytics and Wrapify will offer to pay you to place their brand advertisements on your car. How much you make depends on driving distance and geographic area covered.

Try your luck at paid-to-walk apps such as Sweatcoin that reward users by offering PayPal credit or gift cards in return for recording their steps.

7. Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer loans bypass financial institutions as middlemen and increase returns for investors, but it must be ensured that borrowers can be thoroughly vetted to make this an attractive option.

Consider renting your spare room out on vacation rental websites like Airbnb to make extra income; just be mindful of the time and cost involved with preparing it for guests, plus keep a spreadsheet or online bookkeeping program handy to track cash payouts.

8. Sell Sewing or Embroidery Patterns

Those with sewing expertise can turn it into a side hustle by selling patterns online via websites like Etsy or Payhip.

Many brands are willing to pay you to test product and conduct surveys during your free time. Websites like UserTesting allow you to select tasks that interest you while paid tests can also be found on Amazon Marketplace.

9. Sell Old Clothing

If you no longer use certain items of clothing and wares, selling them online through websites like Poshmark, Vinted and Depop can be an easy way to make some extra cash.

Sell clothing at thredUP is another quick and straightforward option. Simply complete a clean-out kit, send it off, and they’ll take care of everything for free.

10. Join Masterworks

Online surveys offer a quick and straightforward way to make extra cash quickly. Popular survey platforms such as Swagbucks and Survey Junkie pay users in gift cards or cash via points systems, making their surveys one of the fastest ways to earn some extra income.

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