TPG Pace Beneficial Finance Corp

TPG Pace Beneficial Finance Corp. is a special purpose acquisition company formed by TPG Pace Group to pursue mergers, stock purchases, and similar business combinations. TPG’s strategy is to acquire businesses that are well-positioned for strong returns in a public market environment, while benefiting from its private equity heritage. The company’s business model includes both mergers and acquisitions and a focus on acquiring and integrating companies that provide strong returns.

Insiders in TPG Pace Beneficial Finance have traded almost $59 million in the company over the past two years. Of these insiders, two are most active. The company has 1,019,000 units in its portfolio held by Street Capital Management. In addition to TPGY stock, Street Capital Management also owns TPG Pace Beneficial Finance units worth a combined total of over $10,617,980. Among insiders, Capital Management (Hk) Ltd. and Street Capital Management… are the most active. On 30 December 2021, Capital Management (Hk) Ltd. held 4,817,252 shares of TPGY.

On a five-year horizon, TPG Pace Beneficial Finance stock forecasts indicate a DOWN trend. However, AI Pickup suggests that this stock is overvalued and a buy now is a good idea. This analyst forecast estimates that TPG Pace Beneficial Finance stock will reach $9.19 in 2023, which represents a -5.89% drop from its closing price on 2022-06-14.

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