Best Cryptocurrency Trading Apps

If you want to begin trading cryptocurrencies, a reliable app that makes buying and selling easy is key to successful trading. Furthermore, make sure it provides 24/5 customer support is also a must.

There are a variety of apps that make the process straightforward, some even providing wallets to protect your coins when not being used.


Gemini offers an easy and accessible platform for buying, selling, and storing crypto on-the-go. Offering an expansive selection of coins alongside a user-friendly interface.

The app boasts an expansive learning library featuring articles about various cryptocurrencies, trading strategies and blockchain technology.

Users can set price alerts to stay apprised of market prices, create recurring buy orders, and expand their crypto portfolios.

The platform charges a convenience fee of 0.5% above the market price for crypto transactions, in addition to transaction fees which vary based on which cryptocurrencies are being traded.


Coinbase is one of the premier cryptocurrency trading apps available and an excellent place for beginners to get involved with cryptocurrency trading. Offering several dozen coins including Bitcoin and various altcoins.

It offers users various features, such as news feeds and alerts. It has received high ratings and hundreds of thousands of downloads.

Apart from its impressive security features such as insured wallets and segregated client funds, what truly distinguishes this platform is its innovative security measures such as insured wallets. This helps to safeguard your assets should any security breach take place and you may risk having them compromised in case of hacks.


eToro stands out as an advanced social trading platform with multiple trading options that make for easy cryptocurrency investing. Follow top traders, copy their trades or make your own.

Traders can deposit and withdraw funds using several different methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and more. Furthermore, this site features an array of charts and technical tools.

eToro does have its limitations; for instance, they charge a withdrawal fee and don’t support all crypto assets. But they offer both a free trial account and demo account – something other brokers don’t provide.


Coinmama is an easy crypto trading app designed for beginner investors that supports 16 of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Featuring an intuitive buy/sell interface that’s user friendly, Coinmama makes investing accessible for anyone.

Apple Pay and Google Pay provide additional convenience.

Users can purchase cryptos with multiple currencies, including the Aussie Dollar, Canadian Dollar, European Union currency, Japanese Yen and British Pound.

Coinmama provides an expedient user verification process, which typically takes no more than 15 minutes to complete. Users must upload photos of themselves with passport or national ID along with an image displaying “Coinmama and date written on it for this verification step to take place.


Trading cryptocurrency can be an excellent way to create passive income. Bitcoin alone skyrocketed past $63,000 in April 2021!

Select a cryptocurrency trading app that is user-friendly and features. Make sure it supports your preferred deposit method, allows orders to be placed quickly, and provides an engaging charting experience.

Webull is a longstanding top-rated crypto app with a user-friendly interface and support for various currencies. Furthermore, this application enables users to monitor price movements as well as track portfolio value.


Cryptocurrency apps are tools designed to offer investors market analysis, trading signals and access to cryptocurrency assets. Furthermore, these applications allow traders to monitor real-time pricing, set alerts or use advanced charting.

A great cryptocurrency trading app should be user-friendly and offer multiple features, including a demo account enabling users to test trading without risking money.

Choose a platform that supports multiple devices and offers various payment methods; many crypto apps also provide excellent customer support services.

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